Mariah Carey Falls Apart Without Nick Cannon; Singer Drinks Wine From Soda Cans to Hide Her Boozing, Source Says

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In the wake of Mariah Carey's split from Nick Cannon, fans and friends were concerned that the iconic singer would suffer another public meltdown, such as the one that caused deep concern back in 2001.

Mariah is older and wiser now, of course, and she was rumored to be holding up surprisingly well in the weeks following her separation from Cannon.

However, sources say that when Cannon visited Carey's apartment to work out the terms of their divorce and visit the couple's twins, she was secretly hoping for a reconciliation.

Mariah now reportedly realizes that ship has sailed, and according to a former assistant of Mariah's, Ms. Carey is not handling it well:

"It's really sad," the anonymous source tells Star magazine. "Her self-esteem is at an all-time low. She's run down and bloated and she isn't sleeping."

The insider claims that part of the problem is that Nick indulged her diva behavior instead of occasionally putting his foot down, and Mariah doesn't know how to hold herself together without Cannon at her beck and call.

And adjusting to single life is reportedly taking a serious toll on Mariah's health:

"She often goes into trances. She even has special assistants whose job it is to stand behind her in case she falls backwards. On top of that, she drinks wine of champagne constantly. It's a recipe for disaster."

Yes, Mariah's boozing is apparently so out of control that she's adopted a trashy tactic pioneered by the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia gang:

Always Sunny: Canned Wine

"She drinks white wine out of a ginger ale can," says the former assistant. "She sips it through a straw so it looks like she's just sipping ginger ale."

"Her assistants have to carry backpacks full of wine, so that if she ever needs a refill, they can go to a bathroom and fill it up for her."

Assistants to refill your wine can? Not that's living. Seriously, though, the couple's very young twins reportedly spend most of their time at Mariah's house, so if there's any truth to these rumors, hopefully Nick is taking notice.

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