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First, he’s seen ogling Jessica Biel.

Then he gets a little cozy with Sienna Miller.

Then, he tries to push around Grey’s Anatomy star T.R. Knight at the Grammy Awards.

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The bad press just keeps coming. Now, Sean Combs, a.k.a. Diddy, is denying that he assaulted a man after an altercation in February that stemmed from the Diddy hitting on his girlfriend.

The alleged victim, Gerard Rechnitzer, filed a lawsuit on Friday claiming that Diddy punched him outside the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on February 25. He is seeking an undisclosed amount exceeding $25,000.

Diddy’s attorney, Benjamin Brafman, tells People:

“Mr. Combs did not hit anyone and Mr. Rechnitzer suffered no injuries or damages whatsoever. This case is completely baseless. It is just another example of an opportunist seeking to fabricate a lawsuit based on a flat-out lie.”

According to the lawsuit, Rechnitzer, 27, a real estate agent, left a hotel restroom at about 2 a.m. to join his girlfriend, who was waiting for him in the valet area. The couple had been partying at Teddy’s, a popular club in the hotel.

Once outside, Rechnitzer saw his girlfriend and Dumb Diddy Dumb chatting it up, surrounded by a number of the artist’s bodyguards, according to court documents.

When Rechnitzer called to his girlfriend, Combs allegedly said:

“What the f*%k you looking at, dude? I’ll smack flames out your ass.”

Wow. Sounds like a line Jason Wahler would use prior to one of his arrests.

At that point, Diddy allegedly punched Rechnitzer on the right side of the face, an LAPD investigative report reveals. The lawsuit says that Rechnitzer fell backward several feet, hitting a car behind him.

Like any real man, Diddy then allegedly fled the scene with his entourage. No word on how Kim Porter or the couple’s newborn twins handled this upsetting news.

An LAPD spokesperson says an investigation is still pending, which involves interviewing numerous witnesses. No criminal charges have been filed against Cream Puffy yet.

Yeah. This Diddy character is looking more like a winner each day. Here’s hoping that poor Puffy won’t have to sell Christina Aguilera‘s nice baby presents to cover court costs.

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