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It’s easy to find Kim Kardashian nude these days. Just turn on the Internet.

The same can be said for Tricia Helfer. Got a copy of Playboy lying around?

But we hate to break the following news to you, gentlemen: Don’t hold your breath (or any body parts) waiting to see Jennifer Love Hewitt naked. The sub-par actress says it won’t be happening any time soon:

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“I got lots of those (offers to take off her clothes). But I can’t. It’s just not me … I feel like there’s still a world full of people out there who think there’s not much more to me than the girl who can wear tiny tops. So if I had actually gone and done those things (shedding the tiny top) to try to prove something, where would I be?”

Ummm … as well-known and well-liked as Antonella Barba, perhaps? Or maybe kicking it on a beach with a nude Sienna Miller?

You really gotta think about this, Love.

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