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Apparently, the naked truth hurts. Literally.

Mischa Barton has parted ways with her loser boyfriend, Cisco Adler, after nude pictures of the latter surfaced on the Internets.

Yes, you read that accurately. And can see it (censored) below.

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This picture of Cisco Adler turned up in Paris Hilton’s possessions when a storage locker of the heiress’ was allegedly raided and the contents (which included sex tapes and other incriminating photos) sold.

His medicinal marijuana scam was one thing. But one can certainly see how the revelation that this was up in Paris Hilton’s locker (and probably in Paris Hilton herself) would prompt Mischa to part ways with the dirtbag.

“They had a blowup,” a friend said. “She was furious.”

The former star of The OC had been with Adler since the fall of 2005, when she broke up with none other than Brandon Davis, a.k.a. Greasy Bear.

Prior to dating Mischa, the Cisco kid was engaged to Kimberly Stewart.

What is it about this guy that makes the anorexic hotties swoon? Is it his access to drugs? His personality? Maybe it’s his absolutely enormous… hair?

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