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Mandy Moore could hardly be considered overweight.

But working in Hollywood still made the 22-year-old cutie insecure.

“I want to be healthy, but in an industry where you can’t wear a sample size because it’s like a 0 or a 2, it makes you feel bad about yourself,” the singer-actress tells Seventeen in its March issue.

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“To go to a photo shoot, it’s like, ‘Ugh, God, can’t you just at least get a regular size, like a 6 or 8 or something?’ “

But, she says, she’s come to terms with it.

“I’m not like a toothpick, and I never will be. I’m just a regular-looking person — and that’s okay,” she said.

In other words, she’ll never look like that hideous waste of oxygen Nicole Richie, and you know what – Amanda Leigh Moore is cool with that.

“It’s taken a while to come to grips with that,” she adds. “Since it’s definitely not the norm in my business. But like, who cares? If anything, that makes someone more special… or at least that’s what I tell myself!”

Moore, who recently started dating that tool DJ AM, says, “I don’t enjoy dating in the public eye. I don’t even really enjoy dating.”

An odd statement for a girl in an entirely PR-driven, fake relationship. In any case, she says she’s on good terms with her exes, of which there are many.

“I think it’s important. People are in your life for a reason, and I don’t think you ever stop caring about people you’ve been close to. You don’t ever stop supporting them — well, I don’t at least. From Andy Roddick to Zach Braff to Wilmer Valderrama, all those people.”

Mandy Moore is equally passionate about her new CD, Wild Hope, due May 8.

“I was very adamant about the type of record I wanted to make. I am aware enough to know I haven’t had a ton of musical success — and music is my first love,” she said.

Moore, who has battled depression after she and Braff broke up last year, did not comment on whether she thinks Jacinda Barrett looks just like her. But she does add:

“It was a really intense and emotional year, and I was like, I’m gonna put all my feelings in a box and worry about that later. But sooner or later you have to deal, and that’s what I did on this record.”

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