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Hold the phone. Badler may not be done just yet.

According to Cisco Adler’s rep, who must not be a very good rep if he is repping Cisco Adler, the 28-year-old dirtball and his girlfriend, Mischa Barton, are still together despite reports that she dumped him over a nude photo of him that surfaced last month.

“They are fine – very happy together,” a rep for Contango Records, the label that handles Adler’s band, Whitestarr, tells People.

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But that’s not to say that Barton, the former star of The OC, was thrilled when this revealing picture of Cisco Adler naked emerged on a site called And one can understand why.

“Mischa wasn’t too excited, to say the least,” Adler said of the “Ballgate” scandal in an interview with the New York Observer.

“I think it was actually worse for her than for me in some ways. So yeah, I’m gonna try to keep my pants on from now on.”

Hear that, Britney Spears?

In addition to the naked Cisco pic, the site Paris Exposed displayed other items belonging to Paris Hilton that were obtained when the contents of a storage unit she rented (which just happened to include graphic sex tapes and nude pictures of Cisco Adler) were sold.

After Hilton sued the site’s owners, a judge ordered it to be temporarily shut down.

“Paris’ sh!t got stolen, and somehow she had a picture of me naked in there,” Adler explains to the Observer. “That’s Paris Hilton for you.”

It truly is. But the Cisco kid himself remains unfazed.

“I think it’s pretty rock ‘n’ roll. You know, if it was like, yesterday, I would’ve freaked out, but then I looked at the picture and I was like, ‘Oh, that’s from like 2001. Whatever.'”

Barton’s rep was not available for comment. But it’s good to see that Ballgate has blown over and the couple has many fun days of scoring medicinal marijuana ahead.

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