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As The Hollywood Gossip reported yesterday, after two years’ of trying, Reality TV romantic Trista Sutter and hubby Ryan Sutter are expecting their first child.

Trista Sutter, 34, who met her fireman hubby, 32, in 2002 on ABC’s The Bachelorette, is 14 weeks along in her pregnancy – and has crazy morning sickness.

In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, the mom-to-be dishes about cravings, back rubs and what it’s like to go from sexy Bachelorette to motherhood.

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Q: When are you due?

A: Late summer.

Q: Do you want a boy or a girl?

A: Honestly, and this is the 100 percent truth — I just want everything to go well and for the baby to be healthy — 10 fingers, 10 toes. I want both, so if we had a girl already I’d want a boy or if we had a boy already, we’d want a girl. Since we don’t have either, we want either!

Q: Have you had bad morning sickness?

A: Oh yeah — morning sickness? [laughing] Not really a good description. It’s pretty much all-day, all-night sickness. There are fluctuations and little tiny ways to get around it momentarily, but it is brutal! It really is brutal. I now feel for all of my friends who have been through it. A lot of women describe it this way — it feels like a constant hangover without the headache.

THG NOTE: Nicole Richie can relate!

Q: Have you had any cravings?

A: I did have a craving a month and a half ago — we went to a movie and in the middle of the movie, I was like, “I have to have French fries!” It just popped into my head and I thought about the French fries the whole way through the movie. Immediately after we went to Wendy’s.

THG NOTE: Just be strong when you start crazing a Red Bull and a smoke.

Q: What’s Ryan been doing to help make you more comfortable?

A: He’s been great with our two dogs. They need attention pretty much throughout the day, so he’s been great walking them. I haven’t had to worry about that responsibility thankfully because I’ve been in my pajamas for two months! He’s been great with me too.

The other night I had a craving for — this is actually a craving, I was craving a smoothie and we don’t have a Jamaba Juice or anything around here and I hadn’t been to the grocery store in a while.

So Ryan went online to find an Orange Julius recipe because we had a frozen orange juice container, and he just kept adding stuff and when it got down to it, it tasted good! He’s definitely trying to help in terms of making me stuff whenever possible and rubbing my back and that kind of stuff. He’s been great.

Q: What are you most looking forward to about being parents?

A: I’m most looking forward to seeing Ryan being a dad. This is the one thing I’ve always dreamed about, besides getting married and finding Ryan. I’ve always wanted to be a mom. I worked with kids for four years at Miami Children’s Hospital and got my fix in there and got my fix with my friend’s kids, but I’ve always wanted to be a mom. And I really think it’ll be fun to see him with a baby.

THG NOTE: He can always count on Kevin Federline for advice on what that’s like if he needs it. That guy’s boys can swim, we can tell you that.

Q: You two have been through a lot over the past two years trying to get pregnant. What sort of things were you trying? Did you try In-vitro?

A: No, thankfully we didn’t have to go that far — but we were ready to. Once you hit a year of officially trying, your doctor will usually recommend you to a fertility specialist. So we went to one in Denver who came highly, highly recommended, so I knew we were in good hands. We saw him one time and luckily I had a test done that was really helpful.

But before that, all these people come up with things you can try — you lay on your back afterwards, putting pillows under your butt — you try positioning. You try going away on vacation.

People are like, “Have a few drinks!” It’s interesting what ideas people come up with, but I think it just has to be the right time. All the stars have to align. My belief is that it’s God’s will that this is when we were supposed to get pregnant.

THG NOTE: No doubt Bridget Moynahan and Gisele Bundchen agree.

Q: So it happened naturally?

A: Yes – we didn’t do anything – I actually worked with a company called OV Watch. They approached me early on and said, “You should try our watch.” It’s basically an ovulation watch where you wear it at night and it tells you based on the Chloride that you exude when you sweat at night, which isn’t a lot of sweat. But it senses that change and it tells you up to four days prior to normal ovulation. With this, you don’t have to pee on a stick. You just know when you’re going to ovulate. Thankfully, because of this watch, I knew when I was going to ovulate. It was just that, Ryan works 24-hour shifts and we have to be in the same room for conception to happen. So a lot of it came down to timing. If I was away on vacation or visiting family or friends or if he was away climbing a mountain in Argentina — there are so many things that have to come into play, so you never know. If there’s anything I want to do out of this, even if it’s just one person, help one person keep up hope that even if you’ve been trying for two years, keep up hope that it’s going to happen when it’s supposed to and don’t lose all hope and think that there’s something terribly wrong with you, which I was luckily able to do. I really feel like I kept up a positive attitude and I just felt like it would happen when it was supposed to. I did everything I could — I saw my doctor regularly and talked to her about stuff that we could do and it just so happened that it ended up working after two years of trying.

THG NOTE: Hopefully, Lorenzo and Sadie are taking notes.

Q: If you hadn’t gotten pregnant, would your next step have been in-vitro?

A: We felt like having a baby was the most important thing to us, so we were completely ready. We’d looked at our finances just to make sure we could do it. It really is expensive!

Q: After all of these months and years of trying, what did it feel like when you saw that the test was positive? Did you even take an at home test?

A: [laughing] Yeah — I had a million EPT tests laying around and had used all of them except for two boxes. So when it happened, I was a day late so I took the test. Then I went about my business and did my laundry thinking it was going to say “Not pregnant” again. Then I went back to it a half an hour later and it said “Pregnant” and I just stood in my tracks and I couldn’t move for like two minutes and then I finally moved and the tears started flowing. I could not stop crying for like twenty minutes. It was like an ugly cry, but a good cry. It was a happy, happy cry, but an ugly cry. I’m just glad no one else was around!

Q: How long did you have to wait before you told Ryan?

A: I had to wait about four or five days because he was away in Argentina climbing a mountain.

Q: Did you tell anybody?

A: I told my mom. I called her when I was crying and freaked her out because she thought something had happened to Ryan on the mountain! I completely lost it. I was like, “I’m pregnant!” and she finally heard me and was like, “Oh, thank God! Ryan’s not dead.”

Q: Did Ryan cry when you told him?

A: It was really funny because being in Argentina, he got extremely sunburned and windburned. He was at 20,000 feet and the conditions were pretty horrific while he was up there. So his face was completely unmovable. He had a hard time laughing and even talking. So I met him at the airport and I had written him a poem and gave it to him in a quiet little spot in baggage claim. He couldn’t really react because he couldn’t move his face, but you could see it in his eyes. He was really excited, but he couldn’t physically react. And obviously we were in a very public place and didn’t want to scream and shout. But he was obviously really excited. It was just hard for him to show it!

Q: Have you thought about names?

A: We have, but we haven’t come up with anything yet. We have some that we like and we play around with it all the time. We want to use a family name for the middle name, but other than that, we haven’t really come up with anything.

THG NOTE: Too bad we can’t get Trista and Ryan on Dancing with the Stars. We know that’s not the slightest bit relevant. But it would be awesome!

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