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In a manner of speaking, of course.

Katie Rees, the dethroned and humiliated Miss Nevada, believes she got the shaft (har har) in being stripped of her state beauty queen title.

According to the troubled wild child herself, she was so blasted the night those Katie Rees pictures that got her booted as Miss Nevada were taken, she doesn’t even remember it.


“When I saw them, I was shocked,” a tearful Rees told Inside Edition. “We were just out being goofy girls and celebrating. We had a few drinks. That night, I don’t think I thought about much of anything, to be honest with you.”

Rees claims that, unlike Miss USA Tara Conner, who was given a second chance by Donald Trump despite her wild ways, she was unfairly treated.

“These are things that I didn’t do during my reign as Miss Nevada. These are things that were done three years prior to knowing that I would be a public figure,” said Rees, who actually cleans up nice. “I don’t see why these pictures change the person I was when I won it.”

Never mind the fact that we’ve since shown you a new Katie Rees photo showing similarly raunchy behavior from a different bar on a different night. Details.

In any case, while we can’t say Rees got a raw deal in losing her title, we don’t fault her one bit for trying to run with it and make some money. Hey, someone’s gotta serve as Vegas’ resident female orgasm host. Right?

Right. Anyway, here’s a bonus pic of Katie Rees and her drunk, oversexed friends of hers from the crazy night that ultimately cost her the crown. Now that’s girl on girl action.

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