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In addition to being the highest-paid athlete on Earth, does metrosexual soccer star David Beckham harbor acting aspirations?

Giorgio Armani thinks so.

The celebrity fashion icon told reporters he knows why Becks signed a five-year, $250M deal with the Los Angeles Galaxy (which apparently exists). In addition to the obvious monetary reasons, David’s contract was appealing because Hollywood is a stone’s throw away.

David and Victoria Beckham at the Royal Wedding
(Getty Images)

“If reports (that the deal is worth $250 million) are true, then he’s done the right thing. I think he wants to be an actor, not a footballer,” Armani told the press at Milan’s fashion shows on Monday.

“He is a very handsome man, and his football career could be nearing an end,” Armani said. “Also look at his wife. … I saw her at the wedding [of mutual friends TomKat], and she is a very bubbly lady.”

Yes, bubbly indeed. With very large breasts.

Beckham and wife, Posh Spice (a.k.a. Victoria Beckham), are getting ready to move to Los Angeles later this year, once the former England national team captain’s tenure at his current pro team, Real Madrid, comes to a close.

Professionally, the midfielder has been known throughout his career for his laser crosses and dipping free kicks. He’s got mad skills, but not the type that seem easily translatable to the screen, leading many to wonder if the Beckham signing can help the pathetic perception of Major League Soccer.

But his celebrity continues to grow, and he has plenty of friends in show business. Beckham told reporters Friday that he had sought the advice of Cruise and his possessed wife, Katie Holmes, before agreeing to the move.

“They both love Los Angeles,” a friend says. “It will be good for the Beckhams’ careers, they adore the lifestyle, the weather and it would be brilliant for their boys.”

Scientology, here they come.

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