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He really is.

Fresh off a seriously lame retirement, the rapper hit the coast of Monaco with not one, but two ultra-expensive driving machines on Monday. Jay-Z rolled out the jet black Ferrari F430 and the silver Pagani Zonda for an upcoming video, presumably “Show Me What You Got.” Check out some pics from the video shoot below.

Jay‘s first solo album in three years, Kingdom Come, will be released on November 21. While his “surprise” return to music may have shocked the masses, music junkies saw it coming from miles away. Stars such as Kanye West and Pharrell Williams, Dr. Dre and Chris Martin all opened their mouths about being involved with the project. That’s kind of a giveaway.

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The $400,000 Pagani Zonda was apparently designed to resemble a naked body (presumably female), so it’s no wonder that Beyonce‘s beau and the world’s richest two-pump chump is rockin’ that f-i-n-e set of wheels in his new video.