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We miss the beaches and sunshine already. But as temperatures cool down, TV heats back up with new, original episodes of shows we love … and the first-ever examples of shows we’ll soon love.

No matter which fall premiere you’re most excited about, at least you’re excited. Let’s take a look at a few photo shoots from upcoming shows …

It’s a potential Lost spoiler, fans, but Desmond will be a full-time character is season three. The actor that plays him, Henry Ian Cusick, has no clue what he’ll be up to, of course. Neither do we. That’s why we can’t wait.

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Forget starring on Saturday Night Live – what about acting on a show that sort of mocks it? Tina Fey and Tracy Morgan will be doing just that on 30 Rock this season.

Are viewers ready for another mystery filled with flashbacks? The cast of The Nine certainly hopes so.

And, no, the name doesn’t refer to all the men NOT named Harry Morton that Lindsay Lohan slept with last night. But that’s a good joke.