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He’s sweet.

He’s sensitive.

He has a sense of humor.

Taylor Swift and John Mayer Together Photo
(Dimitrios Kambouris)

He watches lots of porn.

Yes, the enigmatic John Mayer is many things. What he’s not, apparently, is a guitar instructor. New York Magazine reports that mysterious flyers have popped up all over a Brooklyn, N.Y., neighborhood of Park Slope proclaiming “JOHN MAYER WILL TEACH YOU GUITAR!” The flyers include a working phone number that actually rings to his voicemail.

His representative has confirmed the existence of the flyers, but admits it is just a snarky guerilla marketing gag cooked up by the singer and his management team. They devised it to poke fun at local flyers in the city and generate buzz about new album, Continuum.

Which is too bad, because Jessica Simpson reportedly picked up the phone in an attempt to learn some guitar licks. Not really. We just made that wise crack because of previous (false) reports that the pair were dating. Maybe instead of guitar lessons, John can teach us how to look and act like a total dork. Just a thought.