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New parents Britney Spears, 24, and hubby Kevin Federline, 28, brought home their second son to serious excitement in their families.

Federline’s mom, Julie Bleak, told Us Weekly, “We are all so happy!”

Whether K-Fed’s mom made this remark because little Sutton Pierce Federline is so darn cute, or because she learned her deadbeat, rapping-aspirant son has 26 more years to live, was not stated. And can we discuss the fact that K-Fed’s mom’s last name is Bleak? You couldn’t make this stuff up.

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The September 12 birth by C-section at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles “went really smoothly,” says a source. A family insider says that when the singer checked out at midnight on September 14, she wore a beanie, rode in a wheelchair pushed by Federline and “held the baby in her arms.”

Wow, a new mother cradling her newborn child in her arms? That’s “really exciting, unusual news.” Great “journalism,” Us Weekly.

Although there were other occasions to celebrate that weekend — son Sean Preston turned 1 on September 14, the Federlines’ two-year anniversary was on the 18th — the clan was reportedly really low-key.

“They stayed home,” the source said. “A lot of bonding went on. Sean and Sutton get along great!”

Correct us if we’re wrong, but Sutton has been alive for about a week. He’d get along with a ball of string at this point. Which reminds us, a ball of string surely has better career prospects than K-Fed. Ohhh!