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Rumor has it that Nicole Richie lost her camera while signing karaoke with friends at Guys nightclub in Hollywood over the weekend, and is terrified the pictures will be leaked onto the Internet. The camera reportedly held nude and semi-nude pictures of the anemic she-goblin socialite.

“Nicole had been experimenting and had a memory card full of sexy nude photos of her and a lot of friends. They’d be embarrassed if they got out,” a source dished.

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Come on. Has she learned nothing from former pal and ever-present skank Paris Hilton? If you’re going to “experiment,” Nicole, put the camera down!

An onlooker at Guys (as in the nightclub), who may have been a guy himself, but also could have been a chick, as the report we are going off doesn’t say, described the all-out chaos.

“They were having fun and then suddenly she’s freaking out after she realizes the camera’s gone. Immediately, Nicole demanded the bar staff shut off the karaoke, turn on the lights and get everyone to search for the camera,” the witness reported.

Another witness offered a similar recollection.

“It was pretty funny. Here are all these A-list stars and their bags are getting searched. Nicole was in the corner going totally nuts and losing it.”

If those pictures end up on the web, we may end up losing it. As in our lunch. People who weigh 70 pounds, such as Nicole and BFF Mischa Barton, are not attractive! Of course, we’ll still post the pics or, at the very least, tell you who has. It’s all part of a day’s work at the Hollywood Gossip.