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Freeloading white trash deadbeat Kevin Federline has dismissed rumors that he’s got a limitless Black AmEx credit card in his wife’s name and that she gives him a monthly allowance.

The incredible K-Fed, who makes his live rapping debut this weekend at the Teen Choice Awards (set your VCRs/DVRs/TiVo now) is adamant that he doesn’t take any money spouse Britney Spears.

“I don’t get any money from my wife,” Federline told GQ. “I’m almost broke. As a man, as a male figure and a father, I wouldn’t be happy sitting back and living off my wife’s fortune.”

K. Fed as a Dad

I have to provide for my family,” he continued. “People gotta understand that I’m working, too, she’s not the only one that’s got things to do.”

Well, we at least have to give Federline credit for trying. He has been working for a few months, at least with the intention of attaining rap success. A lot will hinge on the performance at the Teen Choice Awards Sunday.

If he’s a total laughingstock, as T.H. Gossip predicts, K-Fed may wish to fill out some credit card applications of his own, while continuing to impregnate Spears every 11 months or so.

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