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Perhaps George Clooney should call Drew Barrymore.

After all, the ET and Charlie’s Angels actress says she’s ready for a baby – while Clooney is reportedly feeling left out on the set of Ocean’s Thirteen because he doesn’t have a new tyke of his own at home. Sounds like an ideal match!

George Clooney at the TCAs
(Getty Images)

See, Clooney’s co-stars, Matt Damon and Brad Pitt, each became fathers recently. The result? Less talk about going all in during the crew’s Texas Hold ‘Em game, more talk about teething.

An inside source on the set says George “calls them the New Dad’s Club because they talk about little else.” Clooney can’t exactly relate, not that there aren’t approximately 2.7 billion women who’d love to sire the actor’s child.

“They’ve been exchanging diaper changing techniques and trying to outdo each other with gruesome stories about toilet habits,” the source said of Pitt and Damon.

Just a note, fellas: if you want gross, check out this picture of Nicole Richie!

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