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God knows why, but Nicole Richie is planning to follow father Lionel, along with former best friend Paris Hilton, and begin a music career.

Can she sing? Who the hell knows. But it’s not as if that’s mattered in the music biz for a long, long time. You think Britney Spears is the subject of worldwide fascination because of her singing chops? And does the ho-train pictured here have any redeeming worth?

Nicole Richie Book Cover

Anyway, Nicole has revealed that she’s working on her first album at the moment and has already recorded six tracks.

“Right now I’m just writing and recording. The way that a record goes, you sing up to 20 or 30 songs and then pick your favourite 10. I’m about six songs in,” she told the Daily Record.

“The songs are about what’s going on in my life, growing up and becoming a woman. They are about realising what’s great and what’s so wonderful about life and being on this earth and living the way that I live,” she added.

Good Lord. It’s not known whether her dad is helping her in the studio or when the album will be released. Or whether she has consumed food since mid-March, or whether she will be hating on Paris on the CD, and whether anyone will actually be dumb enough to pay money for this garbage.

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