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Screw being simple – and she probably would if that word had a lot of money – Paris Hilton loves the single life.

Hilton told Regis and Kelly she’s currently without a boyfriend for the first time in her life. And she’s doing fine with it. Or as fine as an emaciated, spoiled ditz can be doing with anything.

“I always have a boyfriend all the time, so I’ve never really got to know me and, like, have time for myself because I spend all my energy on the boyfriend,” the 25-year-old said.

Carter Reum, Wife
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In the past couple years, Hilton has ended her engagement to Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis and recently broke up with Stavros Niarchos (pictured), another Greek shipping heir.

She hasn’t learned how to drive from those experiences, but has Hilton realized anything about herself as a result of the break-ups?

“I’m a very strong woman. I don’t need a man. I can be on my own,” she said.

As for her rivalry with Simple Life co-star and occasional best friend, Nicole Richie, Hilton said she hopes they’ll patch things up.

“I’ve known her 20 years,” Hilton said. “I look at baby pictures. It makes me sad that she’s, you know – we’re going through something right now and we’ll make up one day.”

A world awaits their fate.

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