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Some parties must go on. Just ask Eva Longoria.

On her way to the T-Mobile launch party for a new Sidekick phone, this Desperate Housewife was involved in a collision. The Range Rover Longoria was riding in was hit by a Ford Taurus along West Hollywood street Tuesday.

The accident occurred immediately following an appointment with celebrity stylist, Ken Paves, so at least Eva looked her hottest as impending death surrounded the scene. Or at least a sense of panic.

Eva Longoria at a Premiere
(Getty Images)

Longoria, who wasn’t driving when the two vehicles collided, quickly left the scene in Paves’ car. The actress’ publicist says, “She’s fine.”

Damn right she is! Three hours later, Longoria was at the party. Once there, she posed with another one of Paves’ regulars, Jessica Simpson. The Gossip is attempting to recover those photographs to survey any possible damage from the accident.