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Last month T.I. and Floyd Mayweather fought outside a Vegas fast food restaurant, and the feud-happy rapper remarkably lived to tell the tale.

The beef reportedly stemmed from Mayweather's advances toward T.I.'s wife, Tameka "Tiny" Cottle. 

Mayweather denies ever coming on to Tiny, but video from the red carpet of the 2014 BET Awards shows that the boxing champ certainly seems to have an interest in the mother of two of Tip's children:

Shortly after their fight, Mayweather taunted T.I. by claiming that his wife "ain't loyal," but she certainly seemed to stand by her man last night, snubbing Mayweather in plain view of fans and other celebs.

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Amanda Longacre has seen the ugly side of beauty pageants.

The 24-year old was stripped of her Miss Delaware title last week after officials ruled Longacre had violated the competition's age requirement.

In her place, Brittany Lewis was given the crown and she will go on to compete in the Miss America pageant on September 14.

And while Longacre has been told she can keep $9,000 in scholarship money she originally earned, she appeared opposite Savannah Guthrie on Today this morning and told Savannah Guthrie she wants "the title I rightfully won."

"I am Miss Delaware," said Longacre. "I was nothing but honest from the beginning. I did not know that rule, I did not know that rule at all, and they reiterated to me since they beginning that I was eligible to compete.

"I asked from the beginning, 'Am I eligible?' They said yes, they signed off on my contract, they had my birth certificate. I gave them everything."

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The crazy just keeps coming from Shia LaBeouf.

Just days before LaBeouf was arrested for disorderly conduct, the "eccentric" actor attempted to pick a fight outside of a topless bar in NYC.

Fortunately, the unidentified man in the above video declines Shia's invitation to throw down, but we still get to enjoy LaBeouf busting out some hilariously old school boxing moves.

Sadly, this isn't the first time the former Transformers star has attempted to instigate a violent situation in the past week.

Hours before being tossed out of a Broadway show and arrested on June 27, Shia fought a homeless man who he claimed had stolen his hat.

Thankfully, that man was also smart enough to keep his distance from the increasingly erratic actor.

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In a limited decision today, The Supreme Court ruled that closely held, for-profit companies can cite a religious exemption to the national healthcare requirement that they provide coverage for contraceptives.

Hobby Lobby, a chain founded on Biblical teachings, challenged this aspect of the Affordable Care Act, which forces companies with over 50 employees to cover preventive care services, such as as morning-after pills, diaphragms and IUDs.

Hobby Lobby Ruling

The court ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby this morning, with Justice Samuel Alito writing the summation.

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Is Justin Bieber already being a bad boy... friend?

Just a couple weeks after getting back together with Selena Gomez, the singer was caught clearly ogling the cleavage of Amber Rose on Thursday night, as both stars attended the ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards in Los Angeles.

But the artist did A LOT more than stare, according to Radar Online.

Justin Bieber Ogles Amber Rose

"Justin walked over to Amber’s private table and they began chatting,” an insider tells that site. “They talked for more than 15 minutes –  and even exchanged numbers. She was smiling and laughing."

Rose, of course, just had a baby with Wiz Khalifa. We doubt anything is actually happening between these two.

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Beyonce famously sang that girls run the world and based on the results of Forbes annual list of the most powerful celebrities, it seems she was on to something.

Thanks in part to her On the Run tour with Jay Z, Queen Bey pulled in an estimated $115 million in the past year, nearly doubling the earnings of her rapper husband.

Mrs. Carter tops the list. She pulled in an impressive $115 million in the past year.

Between rumors of marital troubles and the now-infamous Jay-Solance fight video, 2014 has seen Bey struggling with some problems in her personal life, but she clearly hasn't allowed the drama to affect her career.

Other celebs may earn more than Beyonce (Thanks to his deal with Beats Audio, Dr. Dre raked in an astonishing $620 million in 2013.), but according to Forbes  no one can match Mrs. Carter when it comes to sheer power.

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There is a disturbing new trend making its way around the wedding world.

No, not the use of golden toilets. Not unless you happen to be Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at least.

We speak, instead, of the bride and her closet friends posing for their official wedding portrait(s) by hiking up their fancy dresses and exposing ample parts of their rear ends.

Don't believe this is actually happening around the globe? Brace yourself for the dirty truth in the following photo gallery...

Flashing Bridal Party
This bride and her friends are saying cheese in this cheeky wedding pics. We're saying: PUT IT AWAY!

Why has this become the cool thing to do? We have no idea.

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The next season of Game of Thrones is still about nine months away, and all we have to hold us over until then is a never-ending stream of GoT spoilers and fan-created YouTube mash-ups.

But if the fan vids continue to be this clever, that might actually be okay:

Yes, it was only a matter of time, before someone combined the world of Westeros with Disney's Frozen. Fortunately, the fan who tackled the task didn't take it likely.

Thanks to some impeccable editing and perfectly-integrated season 4 quotes, Game of Frozen earns a spot next to the Game of Thrones-Brady Bunch credits and Hodor on Family Feud as one of the most hilariously unexpected GoT pairings to hit the web.

Naturally, the clip ends with a promise that winter is coming, but the rest of the gags are considerably less obvious:

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Miley Cyrus has posted a new photo to Instagram in which she isn't showering alone.

But there's no reason to get jealous, Liam Hemsworth.

The young singer is posing below with Emu, the new dog she adopted over the weekend and introduced via an adorable selfie to millions of online followers.

Miley... Dog... Shower

As Miley wrote in her original message concerning Emu, he isn't meant to replace her late dog Floyd. No one can do that.

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Ireland Baldwin and Angel Haze are dating, and the relationship has resulted in a flurry of online controversy and criticism.

Baldwin's social media followers have objected to everything from the manner in which she and Haze announced their relationship to the language they use to describe their sexual activity.

Angel Haze and Ireland Baldwin

Over the weekend, Ireland took to Twitter to set the record straight and tell the haters where to go:

"Making this about race or the fact that we're both women is rather outdated," Baldwin tweeted after watching Haze perform at the Glastonbury Festival in England. "This is a new world we live in people."

Ireland followed that up with several more tweets about her relationship with Haze:

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